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Ontario Power Generation’s Northwestern Operations include one operating biomass and 11 hydroelectric stations. Together they provide about 900 megawatts (MW) of power, which accounts for 86% of the electricity used in the Northwest.

These stations, their employees and local host communities play an important role in generating clean, 安大略省可靠电力.

See how we are a part of communities across 西北安大略湖 and learn about our many local programs, 活动和事件.

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Community news


2021年12月出版的OPG《彩票app下载》, we update the company's progress on the one-year anniversary of its Climate Change Plan.

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OPG's new Net-Zero News quarterly digital newsletter will update OPG's ongoing progress to reaching its climate change goals.

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Our role in Ontario isn’t just measured by kilowatts (although we’re really good at producing them); it’s measured by our relationships, the impact we make and the future we leave to the next generation. That’s why we strive to be good corporate citizens who care about the environmental, 整个安大略省的经济和社会福利.


OPG’s Corporate Citizenship Program focuses on these areas:

  • Environment
  • Education, and
  • 社区(健康和安全, arts and culture, 青少年业余体育运动, 人道主义和地方事业), 包括支持土著倡议.

We are proud of our many community partnerships in 西北安大略湖, which include the Canadian Cancer Society Relay for Life, 阿提科坎高中旅行者机器人团队, 雷鸣湾城市活动项目, the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority's Annual Children's Water Festival, and Lieutenant Governor of Ontario's Indigenous Youth Summer Reading Camp Program operated by Frontier College.